Wine, SAP and order processing automation: a recipe for success

order processing automation

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Dan Rogney reports on how Spanish drinks manufacturer J. García Carrión fixed its broken order management process.

Wine and headaches have always had an infamous relationship with each other. Anyone with a few evenings of overindulgence under their belt can surely attest to this. However, wine-related headaches aren’t always so literal.

Take world renowned company J. García Carrión, for example. As the undisputed leader in Spain’s wine and juice market, García Carrión recently endured a number of metaphorical headaches relating to its order management process.

The company could’ve taken the quick-fix approach (the equivalent of popping a few pain relievers and sleeping it off). Instead, García Carrión opted for a more sustainable and results-oriented remedy – order processing automation.

Fixing a broken process

García Carrión receives more than 30,000 orders outside of its EDI workflow annually. Previously, this meant its staff members had to manually process about 120 fax and email orders each day.

This process involved printing the document (if emailed), picking up the document, entering the order information into the SAP system, and storing it in a physical file. All told, it took an average of two minutes to process a single order. I can feel a headache coming on…

So, when García Carrión began its search for a replacement solution, it knew a few key requirements had to be met. Any new solution had to:

  • Improve order management productivity
  • Reduce the number of processing errors
  • Free up office space
  • Provide a single point of access for all documents
  • Speed up searches for orders
  • Improve customer satisfaction rates, and
  • Minimise risk of losing documents.

A recipe for success

García Carrión ultimately selected Esker’s Order Processing automation solution because it enabled the company to do everything it wanted: receive all orders digitally regardless of delivery method; extract and validate data accurately and automatically; create orders in the SAP system; and consolidate and store everything electronically.

The company had found its long-term solution.

With the previous manual headaches no longer an issue, the future is looking bright for García Carrión. And the results? By all accounts, they have been nothing short of spectacular.

Following implementation, García Carrión has seen:

  • 70 per cent reduction in order processing costs
  • 99 per cent order entry accuracy rate
  • 80 per cent acceleration in order processing speeds
  • 65 per cent increase in time savings for customer service managers
  • 100 per cent process visibility with SAP integration, and
  • Environmental savings equivalent to 2.5 trees and 384 kg of CO2 emissions annually.

There’s more to the García Carrión success story – to discover all the background details and business advantages the company achieved, be sure to download the new case study.

If you’re dealing with similar headaches related to order management, automation might be the perfect cure for your manual processes!

Dan Rogney is senior copywriter for Esker.

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