Workspace Booking App for SAP Cloud for Real Estate


Workspace Booking App for SAP Cloud for Real Estate intends to assist corporate offices to organise their workspaces as they re-open operations in the new normal.

Half a year through the pandemic, companies are now slowly and strategically getting back to their normal operations. However, coming back from a health crisis that has forced employees to be productive while working from home is not as easy as re-opening the office like returning from the Christmas holidays. 

In a recent Qualtrics study of more than 2,000 Americans, the workforce pulse showed that they are not confident about returning to the workplace at this time. The survey stated:

“Less than a quarter (24%) of people said they would feel comfortable returning to the workplace right now, 10% were neutral, and the majority (66%) were uncomfortable.”

Most (63%) employees would feel comfortable going back to work once public health organisations and local government officials have said it is safe to return to the workplace. A little less than half said they would not be comfortable returning to the workplace until an effective treatment or vaccine are finalised.”

Recognising the valid concerns on health and safety regulations and physical distancing measures expressed in the survey, SAP has introduced an app that would help leaders boost their employees’ confidence in coming back to work.

Jan Gilg, Head of SAP S/4HANA, shared:

“This unprecedented crisis calls for a response that puts people first.”

“We are providing customers with our technology to enable them to resume office operations in a secure and controlled way. But the prime focus lies on making employees feel safe through transparent communications,” he added.

The Workspace Booking App

The Workspace Booking app for SAP Cloud for Real Estate aims to support companies to manage their office re-openings as well as re-populate their workforce in a safe and controlled manner. Corporate real estate professionals and facility managers can utilise the app to communicate and apply guidelines to office re-opening. 

The app enables companies to:

Manage Office Capacities. The app empowers the company to manage office capacities like defining thresholds for space occupancy globally, per location or even per space, and even see the impact on critical key performance indicators (KPIs). In doing so, companies can make decisions based on data for processes and connecting services such as cleaning or operating the canteen for example.

Communicate Guidelines and Apply Measures. With the Workspace Booking app, companies can comply with physical distancing guidelines and communicate regulations to employees by uploading their building master data via the SAP Cloud for Real Estate template and configure workspace capacity thresholds with the app. Complying with statutory regulations helps keep employees safe and productive.

The app also enables employees to book a workspace, adhering to capacity restrictions set by location managers. Promoting transparency, eligible employees can use the app to book a workspace for a set amount of time in a preferred location as well as plan their work schedule.

As the global health crisis force companies to evolve and adapt flexible working models, SAP continues to provide solutions to help businesses run as well as empower employees as they get back to work during these unprecedented times. 

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