Young ICT Explorers inspire with inventiveness

Young ICT Explorers

Young ICT Explorers in South East Queensland. Photo: SAP Australia.

Inventions such as water purification technology for use in third-world countries, GPS devices to help teachers monitor student locations on school trips, and a device that aims to prevent injuries to cyclists when car doors are opened unexpectedly, are just some of the incredible winning projects from this year’s group of Young ICT Explorers.

Now in its seventh year, the 2016 Young ICT Explorers is the biggest yet, with 113 students from Year 3 to 12 at 168 schools, presenting a total of 652 projects.

SAP Australia has announced the regional winners (listed below), who will now progress to the National Final, being held at the University of Technology, Sydney in late November.

Improving safety and accessibility was a common theme amongst the winner projects, such as the ‘Press & Talk Call Bell’, by Michael Tianze Zhang from East Marden Primary School in South Australia, which is a prototype call bell for use in an aged care facility. The bell aims to help staff prioritise tasks while ensuring residents’ needs are met. ‘Simon Says’, by Ben Gilchrist at Shenton College in Western Australia, allows users to control Mac OS operating systems through speech, and could be particularly useful for those with difficulties around fine motor control, while the ’S.A.N.T.A. Sequoia Avtarovski’s Neurokinetic Technological Arm’, a winner in the NSW Year 3-4 category, is a mechanical arm designed to complete simple tasks in confined and dangerous areas.

“Australia’s best technology ideas come from those who aren’t familiar with restrictions: our youth. What began as a single event seven years ago continues to harness the enthusiasm and creativity of Australia’s youth – and continues to go from strength to strength,” said John Ruthven, president and managing director, SAP Australia and New Zealand.

“Through engaging and inspiring our kids to ‘make the games and not just play them’ we’re ensuring Australia has the talent it needs to tackle inescapable trends like supercomputing, cybersecurity and industry 4.0 – trends that will roll us if we’re not prepared in the digital economy. Young ICT Explorers is the ideal platform on which industries, government, education and the not-for-profit sector can align and act to bring about real, measurable progress toward a bright digital future.”

SAP’s Young ICT Explorers competition is a not-for-profit event aimed at encouraging Australia’s youth to explore their passion for technology and develop their skills for the future. It also aims to promote a greater understanding of the real-life applications of technology and the career paths it enables. Supported by the Discovery Channel, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), Symantec, CompTIA, Fujitsu and Soltius, the competition assesses the creativity, uniqueness, quality, level of difficulty and documentation for each project submitted.

Young ICT Explorers 2016 regional winners

New South Wales
Year 3 – 4: Wahroonga Public School with S.A.N.T.A. Sequoia Avtarovski’s Neurokinetic Technological Arm by Sequoia Avtarovski
Year 5 – 6: International Grammar School with Captain Underpants by Max Braun and Jonas Meyer
Year 7 – 8: Roseville College with Class Together by Sophie Allen
Year 9 – 10: St Columba Anglican School with RFID Roll marking by Chris Palin
Year 11 – 12: Knox Grammar School with Cadet Mapping And Position System (CMAPS) by Ashton Cook, Michael Gee, Kyle Jones and Dylan Pathirana
Year 3 – 4: The Friends’ School with Tasmania- Scratch by Logan Boxall
Year 5 – 6: The Friends’ School with Fun learning for kids by Abbie Genders, Tilla Haddow and Emily Mundy
Year 7 – 8: The Friends’ School with Gorilla by Alex Boxall
Year 9 – 10: Rose Bay High School with School Smart Watch by Mitchell Torok
Year 11 – 12: Claremont College with Robotic Hand by Corey Hardman and Michael Wilson
Year 3 – 4: Brighton Primary School with Litter Bug by Jessica Clark and Kate Clark
Year 5 – 6: Albert Park Primary School with Disconnected by Ruby Wyant, Charlie Mlikota and Corey Arms
Year 7 – 8: The King David School with KarDor by Tomer Bareket
Year 9 – 10: Haileybury with Using Twitter to predict intraday price movements in the commodities market by Michael Malek
Year 11 – 12: John Monash Science School with ThermaQuad by Dylan Sanusi-Goh
Queensland (Townsville)
Year 5 – 6: Fitzgerald State School with Chocolate Time by Mia James, Elle Jung and Laycee Carter
Year 7 – 8: Ignatius Park College with Lego Adventures Online by Connor Depold, Hayden Dunlop, Benjamin White and Sebastian Petrie
Year 9 – 10: Ryan Catholic College with by Dean Sheather
Year 11 – 12: The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James with TrendID by Flynn Doherty
Queensland (Brisbane)
Year 3 – 4: Ironside State School with Dr Seuss Quiz by Chloe Corneussen, Isabella Furiosi, Cheryl Shen and Danika Fisher
Year 5 – 6: Ironside State School with Tanki by Noam Cohen
Year 7 – 8: Indooroopilly State High School with Shake and Awake by Coel Roberts, Vien Nguyen, Alexander James and Jonathan Basri
Year 9 – 10: Mansfield State High School with Learn Internet by Zach Barham
Year 11 – 12: Emmanuel College with Water Testing and Purification by Benjamin Gonzalez, Joseph You, Jonluca Percuoco and Kealy Collins
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Year 3 – 4: Canberra Girls Grammar School with Orangubot by Lana Sault, Elsa Guile, Emily Ezaki-Swain and Zoe Theodorakis
Year 5 – 6: Canberra Girls Grammar School with Ready, Get Settled, Go by Isra Eski and Indiana Saunders
Year 7 – 8: Lyneham High School with Checkmark – RFID roll marking tool by Ronan Dean
Year 9 – 10: Canberra Grammar School with Robocup Junior International – Rescue Maze 2016 by Rory Wade, Joseph Fergusson and Ines Kusen
Year 11 – 12: Gungahlin College with G(A)SP by Andrew Wilkie and Madeleine Mackey
Western Australia
Year 3 – 4: Rostrata Primary School with Smart House by Joshua Woon, Daylan Ong and Nicholas Lai
Year 5 – 6: St Hilda’s ASG with Boom Barrier by Carys Kinnell and Elana Godfrey
Year 7 – 8: Home School with Virtual Makerspace by Hunter Johnson
Year 9 – 10: Shenton College with Simon Says by Ben Gilchrist
Year 11 – 12: Christ Church Grammar School with Omni- Ball by Josh Collier
South Australia
Year 5 – 6: East Marden Primary School with Press & Talk Call Bell by Michael Tianze Zhang
Year 7 – 8: Pedare Christian College Eco Team Developers by Ethan Weber and Khayla Weber
Year 9 – 10: Pedare Christian College with eTextile Recycles by Jorja Solly, Chloe Archer, Isabella Molloy and Brooklyn Lees
Year 11 – 12: ASMS with Experience! by Isabella Scalzi, Jalia Vitard-Herring, Angas Smith and Natalie Nankivell

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