Zilliant Joins SAP, Accelerating Expansion in EMEA

Zilliant Joins SAP, Accelerating Expansion in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

In 2019, the global Artificial Intelligence software market is expected to grow approximately 154% vs. last year, reaching a forecast size of $14.7billion according to the market research firm Tractica.

With the progression of Artificial Intelligence business applications, it is not impossible to see software and technology solutions providers work together on a common enterprise. Such is the recent partnership of Zilliant, a world leader in the AI-driven pricing and sales solutions for B2B companies, with SAP.

Zilliant has recently announced that aside from joining the SAP PartnerEdge program and releasing Zilliant Price Manager integration with SAP Cloud Platform, it has also opened its third European office in the same location as SAP’s headquarters in Waldorf, Germany as an expansion strategy.

Greg Peters, Zilliant CEO, said,

“Zilliant is honored to expand our relationship with SAP through this technology and business partnership. As leading B2B companies turn to SAP to help them digitally transform and create the Intelligent Enterprise, Zilliant’s AI-driven pricing and sales growth solutions enable our mutual customers to maximize the immediate value of every transaction and lifetime value of every customer.”

Peters expressed that customers who invested in Zilliant as part of their digital transformation have already achieved a return on investment within six months of deployment, funded additional initiatives, and accelerated their transformation initiatives.

Zilliant’s Price Manager, an intuitive and flexible pricing application, is now made available in the SAP app center.

What are the key benefits of this partnership?

• Businesses running SAP solutions can immediately utilize Zilliant Price Manager by consolidating core pricing tasks, managing and automating pricing process and enabling pricing teams to visualize the financial impact of price changes, thus, preventing profit leakage across the business.

• Businesses using SAP solutions will benefit from Zilliant’s industry-leading AI-driven pricing optimization and sales growth solutions.

• With Zilliant Price Manager’s integration with SAP Cloud Platform, the latest technological innovations and cloud solutions from both SAP and Zilliant can now be used as leverage of businesses with SAP on-premise solutions.

• Zilliant will now have access to SAP’s intelligent technologies, platforms, and cloud-based offerings through the SAP PartnerEdge program. This includes SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP C/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA.

• Zilliant’s presence in Waldorf, London, and Paris, allows the company to accelerate growth within the region in collaboration with SAP. Now, the customers across Europe will be able to experience Zilliant’s AI-driven pricing and sales growth solutions.

The IDC MarketScape: Worldwide B2B-Focused Price Optimization Applications 2018 Vendor Assessment identified Zilliant’s industry-leading strengths including best customer satisfaction, highest value delivered, and fastest time-to-value.

Known to be an AI-driven industry leader in the end-to-end pricing solutions for B2B, Zilliant’s business suites include SaaS solutions that enable B2B companies to transform data into actionable intelligence. Below are the following AI-based SaaS pricing solutions:

Zilliant Price Manager is a flexible price management application that enables pricing teams to set, manage and adjust prices according to their chosen pricing approach, calculate the impact of these price changes against their KPIs, update price lists and matrix prices, and automate the roll out of price changes.

Zilliant Price IQ is the market-leading AI-powered price optimization solution, delivering proactive and detailed guidance to pricing, sales, and management.

Zilliant Deal Manager isan easy-to-use tool that automates the “Deal Desk” and creates collaboration between Sales and Pricing.

• Zilliant Sales IQ is a patented, AI-driven engine that generates and delivers prioritized growth and retention opportunities that are uniquely tailored for each customer, and provides actionable recommendations that help sales reps maximize the value of existing accounts.

Zilliant Sales Planner delivers AI-derived sales analytics and insights that help your sales teams spot customer-specific opportunities, take actions that increase sales wins with existing customers, and enable effective sales performance.

Zilliant IQ Anywhere is the engine that links data hosted in the cloud to client platforms that require this data for quote and agreement execution. Uses global standards like REST to intelligently respond to real-time information about the customer interaction.

As a SaaS industry-leader with numerous AI business suites and expanding regional presence, Zilliant’s partnership with SAP will absolutely contribute to the growth of the Artificial Intelligence software’s billion-dollar market by end of 2019.

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